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Mild Combi-1

The LINE BLINDS’ Mild Combi-1 is the premium blackout product offering which is made of top-quality triple-pressed fabric. As it is, it provides completed privacy and uses for light blockage. It will be the ideal solution for media rooms to provide dim the room and prevent outside lightings from glare to the screen. It is also an optimal solution for a peaceful sleep. The last feature is that this special fabric does not collect dust and grime.


Actual product color may vary from the images shown.



  • The premium blackout product
  • Made of top-quality triple-pressed fabric
  • Specialized for providing privacy and blackout
  • High-quality fabric for long-term durability against fading and discoloration


  • POLYESTER 100%
  • WITH: 280cm
  • WEIGHT: +/-255G/SQM =/-5%
  • WARP: PF20D X LM20D
  • WEFT:
    1) DTY300D/96F
    2) DTY150D/48F
    3) LM70D/24F