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Crease Combi

The LINE BLINDS’ Crease Combi is designed for the largest sized product we are offering – it is also called as “twins” blind. It is the most suitable product for your wide sized window which will look fabulous in every angle. The Crease Combi blinds will dress up your windows with an inspiring and luxurious lace pattern. Designed for the largest sized wide windows.


Actual product color may vary from the images shown.



  • Inspiring and luxurious lace pattern within various color selections
  • Enjoy the benefits of privacy mixed with fashionable looks
  • High-quality fabric for long-term durability against fading and discoloration


  • POLYESTER 100%
  • WITH: 280cm
  • WEIGHT: 523.1253G (HB) 186.8304G
  • WARP:
    1) DTY75D/36F 4,500
    2) RM150D/36F 4,410
  • WEFT:
    1) DTY300D/96F+PF B/R 150D/48F
    2) RM70D/24F
    3) PF B/R 20D/1F