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Roll Screen Mars

The LINE BLINDS’ Roll Screen Mars blind diffuses incoming light providing a soft and warm glow to complement any style of décor in your home, office, school, hospital, retail space. Incorporate the neat, clean, simple look, and neutral design element into your space décor with this chic appeal for everybody. Its pattern also adds a modern stylish look to be apart from just simple and plain. Roll Screen Mars blinds are very easy to install and fit well with all various applications. This also could be used for a media projector screen.


Actual product color may vary from the images shown.



  • One of the most popular and common blind kind re-designed by LINE BLINDS
  • Pattern adds a modern stylish look
  • Easy to Install for various applications
  • High-quality fabric for long-term durability against fading and discoloration


  • POLYESTER 100%
  • WITH: 280cm
  • WEIGHT: 395.2117G (HB) 141.147G
  • WARP: LM50D/24F 9,720
  • WEFT:
    1) DTY450D/144F
    2) DTY150D/48F